May 27, 2010


It can be confusing to whiten your teeth, there are three basic ways to do it.
  1. Over the counter products such as "Crest White Strips". This is fine, but the concentration is low and it takes a long time to notice a difference.
  2. Procedures done in a dental office such as "Zoom". It works, but independent research has shown this to have the same effectiveness as custom take home trays. This is the most expensive option and you are usually sent home with trays to use as well. We feel that this in office treatment dries out the teeth and make them temporally whiter, but the trays do the real work.
  3. Custom Take Home Trays. This is what we recommend. We take impressions of your teeth and make custom trays that fit your teeth. You put a gel in the trays and wear the trays for 90 minutes when it is convenient in your busy schedule. It works well, is easy to do, and allows you to touch up your smile whenever you want.

Please call the office at 785-242-4875, if you are interested in whitening your teeth or have any questions.

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